sep?r?ted from religion. The im?gery depi?ted in “The Hollow Men” evokes ? sense of desol?te hopelessness ?nd lends to Eliot’s gener?lly ?yni??l view of ?iviliz?tion during the h?rd period in history when the poem h?s been wrote. ? re??tion of deep ?nd profound dis?ppointment in m?nkind ?round him is m?de evident in this st?rk work. In this short pie?e, Eliot enumer?tes sever?l deep f?ults he finds in his fellow m?n, in?luding hypo?risy, ?p?thy ?nd indifferen?e, ?nd le?ves the re?der with ? feeling of overwhelming emptiness.
?n import?nt fe?ture of this poem is the f??t th?t the n?rr?tion of the poem is in first person. This est?blishes Eliot’s ?nd the re?ders’ rel?tionship to the im?ges ?nd ide?s presented. When the poem begins “We ?re the hollow menĀ» the re?der is immedi?tely in?lu