Risk Assessing and all following policies and procedures

Risk Assessing and all following policies and procedures, these are put in place to protect and safeguard everyone from potential harm.
DBS all adults who are in contact with children, never leaving visitors alone with a child/children or YP for any length of time. Visitors being escorted to the toilet, member of staff to stay outside and escorted back to where they need to go. Visitors being signed in and out on exit, giving back any stickers/badges/lanyards.

Data Protection Policy
Pupil Privacy Notice
Pupil Photos/Videos Consent form
Staff Privacy Notice
Staff Photos/Videos Consent form
Positive Behaviour and Anti-Bullying Policy
Safeguarding Policy
Whistle Blowing Policy
Staff Code of Conduct Policy
Data Protection & Information Sharing

whistle blowing seems daunting and scary but needs to happy because the child/YP or adults welfare may be at risk/detriment and depending on your actions.
Manual Handling Policy – Training given off site.