If a child were to suffer damage to their orbital cortex

If a child were to suffer damage to their orbital cortex, which is involved in morality and ethics, at the approximate age of two then said child may never develop a sense of right and wrong. This could cause them to develop into a true psychopath. If someone at the age of eight suffered the same damage, although the orbital cortex may have already assisted the other regions of the brain in understanding the contrast between right and wrong, they would not be able to contain themselves from committing a wrong. This is because the orbital cortex also is involved in inhibition, which is an involuntary or voluntary restraint to an instinct. Finally, an individual who sustained damage as a teenager or adult will be able to differentiate right and wrong and the areas of the brain that are involved in inhibition would be mature enough to help manage impulses when the orbital cortex fails due to damage; however, stressful situations can easily lead to a loss of control.


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