Good and evil are terms we use in our everyday language

Good and evil are terms we use in our everyday language, but do we truly understand their meaning? Good and evil beat within the heart of every person, I know they exist because each produces a feeling of realization. Whether it is before or after an event takes place, this event could be stealing a car, donating money, killing someone, or saving someone’s life. All these scenarios are common not only in real life but in the world of literature as well. I think that the concept of good and evil depends on each person and their sets of experiences.

I believe good means pure and true, but not innocence. In this world almost always in order to do good or make a positive change, you will have to fight. However, fighting is considered both good and evil but mostly evil, however, I believe it is good to fight as long as your intentions and pure and true. As time goes on, childrens environment shapes their world, perspective on life, and morals and standards as well as their definition of what is right and what is wrong. Children who are born into a family who neglects them and abuses them are normally not going to have good morals and will have a different and even negative view on life. Children who were born into a well rounded family usually grow up into a good kid and have better morals unlike a kid who grew up being abused and neglected. Their environment, society shape them and cause them to choose their path in life. Pure meaning straightforward, unaffected and free from extraneous matter. True meaning real, authentic and sincere; not deceitful. Though all this is true within all good lies evil, for where there is light there shall be a shadow.