Among the purposes of the National Conference of State Legislatures

Among the purposes of the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) (About Us, n.d.), a group serving both legislators and their staffs, is its advocacy for states fighting unnecessary federal preemption of state laws, unfunded mandated and federal legislation that threatens states’ authority and autonomy. NCSL has an interactive 50-state database facilitating state policy makers’ and stakeholders’ access to information about governance structure and various states’ funding modes related to higher education (Research, n.d.). Their information helps the researcher, providing data to derive similarities and differences among states in a variety of areas. NCSL believes that this broad awareness may lead to “better designed and effective individual state higher education policies” (Interactive Database: State Postsecondary Governance and Finance Policies, n.d.).
There are 12 areas Education category subdivisions. Narrowing down those choices to two, “College and Career Readiness” and Higher Education'” I believe these are the two most applicable to this project.
The Higher Education webpage overview leads stating the importance of postsecondary education has increased significantly in the last 10 years. Success in today’s global economy is cited as paramount. The state’s economic stability NCSL says “is tied to citizens who employed and productive” (Higher Education, n.d.).
As a research resource, the Higher Education page’s best topic choices pertaining to the 50-state review are “Legislative Summaries” and “Legislative Tracking” (n.d.).