A commitment or sense of duty regarding pleasantly perform or complete an errand

A commitment or sense of duty regarding pleasantly perform or complete an errand (doled out by some person, or made by one’s own particular certification or conditions) that one must fulfil, and which has a subsequent discipline for disillusionment can be known as a responsibility. Everyone in the world has responsibilities. For example parents have a responsibility on their children, job, and etc. children has responsibilities on parents and studies. As well organizations also have their responsibilities.
Some responsibilities of organizations are as bellow,
? Consumer protection
? Job protection
? Disability discrimination
? Health and safety
? Stakeholders and protecting legal responsibilities
? Wider responsibilities including ethical environmental, ethical practice, etc.
? Diversity and equal opportunities.
? Responsibilities to the society
Responsibilities of Ford Company
Ford motor company tries their very best to achieve its vision, mission and goals. As well they haven’t leave their responsibilities. They do their very best to fulfil their responsibility towards the whole society.
To help the representatives to do things the correct way, organization look to give the workers the data they require, when and where they require it. To help them to convey on this guarantee, the Corporate Compliance Office is creating imaginative preparing and specialized devices that make consistence with corporate approach and the law as simple as could be expected under the circumstances.


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